A quiz

Question 1: Do you know that children sometimes look like their parents or grandparents?

  • Yes. –> great
  • No. –> start here; if Wittgenstein can use this idea, so can you

Question 2: Do you know how you get these traits (for example, the color of your eyes)?

  • Yes. –> cool
  • No. –> read this (also a comprehensive yet comprehensible explanation that’s good for kids)

Question 3: Do you know that traits do not get passed onto the next generation equally (so that the total number of parents who have a trait is different from the number of children who have the same trait)?

Question 4: Does all of that make sense?

  • Yes. –> congratulations – that is evolution
  • No. –> ask a question!


Evolution is the change in allele (trait) frequencies in a population from generation to generation. Specifically, what I described in the quiz is evolution by genetic drift (a more complex description), in which the difference in allele frequencies is caused by a random event (e.g. a mudslide killed all of the squirrels that happened to be living on that hill instead of on a different hill) as opposed to a real difference in the survival skills the trait gives to the individuals who have it, which would be natural selection.